Rando Challenge de La Plagne

Rando by night déguisés à La Plagne

Ski touring


If downhill skiing is a widely practised discipline in La Plagne, ski touring also has its place in our Savoyard resort. With 4 events this winter, La Plagne is challenging you to be the sealskin king or queen. Straight climbs, downhill ski races, mixed formats, you will have 4 opportunities to perform, no less. 

Would you like to take up the challenge? Participate in at least three of the four races of the challenge to qualify for the overall ranking. Your performance in each race earns you points. It is the total of these points that determines the overall ranking and will reward the best skiers.

Course ski de randonnée Rando By Night à La Plagne
Diables bleus
Les diables bleus La Plagne Montchavin les Coches

Les diables bleus, Montchavin-les Coches

March, 18th, 2022

6,3km course (1000 elev. gain) starting from Les Coches (altitude 1440 m), climbing to the highest point (altitude 2340 m).
A race that combines a climb and a descent on a marked off-piste itinerary. You can even make it a team effort on the longer course. A strong heart for the climb isn’t enough, you will need great thigh muscles to race back down!
The competitors will be following the old training course that used to be used by the 7th battalion of Mountain Infantry.


Rando By Night à La Plagne

Triface, Plagne Centre

March 25th 2023

Always with a sunset start, Triface has three loops starting from Plagne Centre to climb the summits of Grande Rochette, Verdons and Bécoin! The only night race, its particularities: the concept of hitchhiking and the possibility to do the race in relay with 3 people!

Three formats: 504 m D+, 486 m D+ and 319 m D+, in total: 1309 m D+.

Course des Dahuts Montalbert

La course des Dahus, Montalbert

January, 28th, 2023

Set off from 10.00am on a course comprising climbs and descents (each change in altitude is 400 metres)
Two formats:
-Leisure: 1 climb + 1 descent
-Competitive: 2 climbs + 2 descents

This race is the most playful and spectacular! It is a race for technicians who are able to handle the skins very quickly. Open to all, you can choose between leisure and competition modes.

La course des raveillus

Montée des Raveillus, Champagny-en-Vanoise

January, 14th, 2023 | CANCELLED

⛷ A leisure race of 2.5km and 350m of elevation gain reserved for amateur skiers and junior and junior categories.
Departure at an altitude of 1900m, culminating at an altitude of 2250m on the Borseliers ridge and a descent via a marked off-piste route to the slalom stadium.

⛷ A competition race of 8.3km and 780m of vertical drop reserved for the cadets to veterans categories.
- Departure at 1900m altitude, highest point at the foot of the summit of Roc du Sérac then marked descent into one of the most beautiful off-piste in Champagny en Vanoise, La Combe des Arrièrés.


Triface ; tracés de la course de ski de rando
Triface : profils de la course de ski de rando
Triface : profils de la course de ski de rando

You can read the rules here (in french).