Workshop on micropollutant awareness

Source d'eau La Plagne

What is a micropollutant? How can you contribute to reducing their presence in water at the source? Go to one of our awareness workshops to find answers to your questions!

In partnership with the SIGP, Veolia and the GRAINE environmental and sustainable development education network, La Plagne invites you to take part in its awareness-raising workshops on micropollutants in water.


    Le cycle de l'eau
    Atelier de fabrication de produits naturel

    Come and jump in!

    Come and take part in a fun and friendly workshop with your family to:

    • Understand everything about the water cycle
    • Become aware of our role and influence
    • Implement simple actions to protect the resource

    On the programme:

    • Find out about the water cycle in La Plagne
    • Test recipes for natural products

    Recommended for anyone aged 8 and over.



    • Comprendre ce qu'est un micropolluant : débat mouvant
    • Cycle de l'eau naturel & domestique à La Plagne : via un jeu pédagogique
    • Où se cache les micropolluants dans la maison ? A vous de les replacer sur la carte.
    • Mise en pratique : tests de recettes avec des produits naturels. Un spray multi-usage & un baume après-soleil facile à reproduire à la maison !

    Le petit + : Vous pourrez repartir avec vos fabrications !

    La ressource eau

    2 exceptional visits

    In addition to these workshops, there will be 2 exceptional visits to Aime’s water treatment plant.

    On the programme for the visit to the water purification plant: follow the journey of a drop of water, find out about the domestic water cycle and learn about good habits to adopt on a daily basis at home.

    Industrial site with strict safety regulations, not accessible for pushchairs or people with reduced mobility. Min. age: 12 yrs


    Ateliers sensibilisation micropolluants planning