Orienteering Course

Plagne Montalbert

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Course d'Orinetation
La Plagne Montalbert Tourist Office
73210 Plagne-Montalbert
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For the fourth year, the big news in terms of orientation and discovery in Montalbert is the creation of a fixed and permanent orienteering route around the resort...
Seasoned sports enthusiasts, lovers of running and rugged landscapes, or simply those curious to discover the Montalbert countryside, visit the Tourist Office where a marked map and a compass are waiting (for a modest deposit) to be your guides.
As a family, solo or with friends; running or walking; for a day or a week, enjoy a great walk of discovery through the forest and clearings around the village of Montalbert. It's up to you to find the markers.
Open to everyone!
Bring a good pair of shoes and hiking gear.
Free of charge.
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Orienteering Course

La Plagne Montalbert Tourist Office
73210 Plagne-Montalbert

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