Bike Patrols: The Famous Five

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Bike patrols 2022

With its green, blue, red and black runs, the Bike Park is one of La Plagne’s jewels! Riders of all levels will enjoy the different routes with their berms, modules and jumps ... for unforgettable sessions on a MTB or e-MTB. In a few numbers, La Plagne’s Bike Park is: 11 downhill trails (3 green, 5 blue, 2 red and 1 black). None of it would be possible without our 5 Bike Patrollers, the team that is present on site throughout the summer to maintain, shape and monitor the runs.



He knows the Bike Park like the back wheel of his bike!... Benjamin arrived at the same time as the Park was created 7 years ago and works with the Bike Patrol in La Plagne every summer. This MTB fiend loves creating new routes and building jumps that create very fluid lines.

His favourite run? Thunderbolt red run in the Plagne Bellecôte sector.

Why? For the series of jumps and the general fluidity of part of the run, no need to touch the brakes and the jumps (almost) take care of themselves!



5 years ago, Hugues was offered the opportunity of working with the Bike Patrol in La Plagne’s Bike Park and, since then, he has come back every summer!

His favourite run? D’ana, a blue run in the Plagne Centre sector.

Why? It is fast and smooth, so you can really let go and enjoy the ride.




This is his third season with the team. For him, it is about combining your job and your passion, all to the benefit of La Plagne. He really enjoys his work as a Bike Patroller.

His favourite run? Blue Canyon, a blue run in the Plagne Centre sector.

Why? For its diversity: part natural, part shaped and partly in the forest, a great combination of everything you can find in the Bike Park.



A true “Plagnard”, Alex has a “little” experience in this line of work: he rented bikes in the resort for 15 years! This summer, he wanted to combine riding and working outside, so he seized the opportunity to join the Bike Patrol.

His favourite run? Redskins, a red run in the Plagne Centre sector.

Why? It is a run where you can let go, but with a variety of terrain: it is quite open and playful with a really nice line that is very accessible. It is also where you can find the Bike Park Trophy, a fun event where you can put yourself to the test all summer.



He has been in La Plagne for almost 20 years and this was his first season with the Bike Patrol. For this nature lover, the job of Bike Patroller means he can ride as well as shaping the runs and working in an extraordinary natural environment.

His favourite run? Comanche, a blue run in the Plagne Bellecôte sector.

Why? It is accessible but has some more technical sections that help you to progress.


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