Chapel of St Philibert

La Plagne Vallée

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Chapelle St Philibert
73210 Montgirod
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The chapel of Saint Philibert is simple and discreet, but is nonetheless not difficult to find. It nestles at the foot of the cliff called "la Roche" which overlooks the village of Montgirod.
This sheer cliff face dates back to the reconstruction of houses after WW2. At its peak, a large wooden cross is a reminder of tragic events. It was built in 1661 thanks to the generosity of the Rev. Maurice Rochaix, a priest who was from the village.
For the record, after the fire in 1944, it was used as a shelter by a family from Montgirod to eat their meals. A symbol of welcome and refuge open to others.
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Chapel of St Philibert

73210 Montgirod

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