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Published on 21/04/2021 by
Anne & Noémie

It’s brand new and we know that many of you have been waiting impatiently for it : the launch of La Plagne’s online boutique ! Each item in the boutique has been lovingly created by our team with great attention to detail. There is something for all tastes and ages. La Plagne is also proud to join forces with renowned French brands (Cébé, Cabaïa, Jao). So if you are a fan of the resort with the red beanie and looking for gift ideas, we thoroughly recommend a little visit.

You will see that whether you live in the country, in a town or by the sea, each item meets all your daily needs. It is a real jewel of a boutique, with sections for Clothing and Accessories.


| I’m cold  ⛄❄️

This is often the case when you arrive in La Plagne (or anywhere north of the Mediterranean) dressed in a T-shirt in February. Don’t worry, we have just what you need to rug up.

  • The beanie. We have to start with this : La Plagne’s legendary and essential beanie. It’s thick and very snug (we are often told that this is one of its strong points), so it will keep your ears warm. The model was designed with brand Cabaïa and comes with three interchangeable pompoms to go with your mood and your wardrobe of the day.
  • The sweat-shirt. It is hard to find a cosier item than our unisex "C'est le pompon" sweatshirt! With its flattering and comfortable fit, we have all adopted it here.
  • The neck warmer. This time, La Plagne got together with brand Jao to create a neck warmer that is protective on the outside and very soft on the inside. You may have noticed that it goes perfectly with our sweatshirt and beanie !

| I’m hot  🌡️🌞

This is what happens when the weather warms up, but in your head you have stayed in winter #chairlift mode 😅. Here are our solutions for keeping cool :

  • The T-shirt. This great unisex model with the slogan "C'est le pompon !" comes in two colours for children and adults. With openings for your head and arms, it guarantees perfect ventilation!
  • The sunglasses. A very elegant unisex frame by Cébé. In both summer and winter, at the beach, on our glacier or even on the red carpet at the Festival de Cannes, they are perfect for effective eye protection.
  • The cap. Stylish "five panel" sun protection.

| At work 💻☎️

Just like when you are in the mountains, the most important thing is to be well equipped ! We have some essential items for working from home or at the office :

  • Our notebook. An effective work session usually starts by taking good notes. The format of our notebook is ideal : not too big, not too small. The perfect item for noting your ideas.
  • The pen. The logical accompaniment to the notebook since one is no use without the other. Everyone in our offices loves this fine tip felt pen so we are sure it will please even the most demanding writers.
  • The mug. The most important moment of the day : the coffee break! Our mug is super light but also very strong, just the right size and we love the vintage style. It also works for your breakfast coffee ☕.
  • The tote bag. Light with an attractive graphic design on cream-coloured fabric, we love this very trendy bag for carrying your essentials for the day on your shoulder.
  • The keyring and pin. Because perfection is in the details, here are our keyring and pin, two small accessories that are very useful during your working day (at home or in the office).

| My kids want to go back to La Plagne as soon as possible  🏔️😅

That’s what happens when you create unforgettable memories during your holiday in La Plagne ! We have solved the problem by staying here, but we know it’s not always so easy, so here are a few ideas to keep them happy while waiting :

  • The T-shirt, beanie, cap and neckwarmer. As described above, they are perfect for kids too !
  • The cuddly toy. The famous red beanie in a soft toy version to cuddle. Guaranteed to be a hit with all mini fans of La Plagne ! ❤️




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