The big chill: refreshing activities

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Montalbert Le Bief Bovet

In La Plagne in the summertime, there is no lack of refreshing activities. And for a good reason, since the resort with the red hat enjoys at least 4 key assets: =

  • altitude: from 600 m up to 3 250 m above sea level

  • forest: 7 000 m ha

  • waterways, including the legendary Isère river and all its smaller tributaries, as well as lakes

  • the leisure park in the valley on the banks of the Isère with a lake to swim in, as well as 4 open-air swimming pools 

Balades fraîcheur La Plagne

Our cool walks and hikes

La Plagne’s footpaths: some 100 kilometres across the altitude area, the forests and the valley, alongside the waterways, on all sides of the mountain and leaving from the 11 sites of La Plagne. Some noteworthy trails:

  • perched at 2000 m, the “Balcony” trail offers a 180° view over most of the resort’s main high-altitude sites. The 6000D trail race also passes here and edelweiss can be observed if you know how to spot it.
  • In Champagny-le-Haut, the footpath leading to La Glière refuge, in the Parc national de la Vanoise, offers a front row seat for the view of the glaciers and the highest peaks, such as La Grande Casse, La Grande Motte and L’Épéna. The walk is usually accompanied by the cries and mischief of the marmots whose numerous burrows mark the route.
  • Les Mairiers, a lovely forest trail that leaves from the top of the bobsleigh track and goes right down to Montalbert. It allows walkers to join the Bovet trail.
  • Les Frasses, just under Mont-Saint-Jacques, goes from Plagne Bellecôte to Montchavin - Les Coches. Mountain flora enthusiasts will be able to observe some very beautiful specimens! 
  • La Voie Verte, a path for walkers and cyclists that runs alongside the river Isère for 15 km, between Aime and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. The Versants d'Aime leisure park can be found along the way.

Four riverside trails 

  • Le Bief (secteur Montchavin - Les Coches). A 4.5 km path that follows the small canal that was formerly used to irrigate the slopes of this wooded area. An easy trail that offers a fabulous panoramic view of Mont Blanc.
  • Bief Bovet (secteur Montalbert). It feels like you have gone back in time as you walk along this shady, refreshing path. Bief Bovet has its source at an altitude of 1800m and was dug out by man in the year 1240. Along the 6.5 km trail, 80 information boards look back at the history of the highly strategic management of this small canal. 
  • Le Sentier de l'eau (secteur Montgirod). Captivatingly beautiful, this 5km-long theme trail  literally accompanies the flow of the water and the limestone formations, as it passes waterfalls and streams. 
  • Le Grand Bief (Granier sector). Created on the initiative of the village school, this path offers an entertaining walk with its 12 information boards that plunge walkers into the history of the manmade waterway in the heart of Granier forest.

Activités eaux La Plagne

Waterside activities (or in the water!) 

If chilling on a deckchair to the sound of water lapping is your favourite holiday activity, that’s great, because we have several places where you can do just that:

  • The swimming pools at Champagny-en-Vanoise, Montchavin - Les Coches (Espace Paradisio), Plagne Bellecôte (Magic Pool) et Belle Plagne (Deep Nature Bains & Spa)
  • The Versants d'Aime leisure park, a lush green setting that you really should visit: a lovely lake to swim in with a sandy beach for your kids, a range of child-friendly games and activities (including water games) and barbecues at your disposal.
  • Our mountain lakes: Portette, Carroley, Presset,… Each more beautiful than the last and the perfect place to head to on a summer hike.
  • fishing is also possible, either on your own (if you have a permit) or during an introductory session with Savoiefishing

More dynamic but just as refreshing as sitting on a deckchair: white-water sports are accessible to the general public in the form of rafting. We also recommend white water swimming (hydrospeed) for the more sporty amongst you..

Prendre de la hauteur La Plagne

Paragliding, zip lines & canopy tours: getting up on high

Activities where the expression "a breath of fresh air" takes on its full meaning! Suspended from a tandem paraglider with an instructor, all you have to do is be carried off and enjoy the superb panoramic views. La Plagne’s paraglider pilots propose different departure points and flying times. 

As for zip lines and canopy tours, these can be found in most of the sites in La Plagne. Special mention goes to ELPRO’s zip line cascade in Belle Plagne and the Super Tyro in Plagne Centre (600 m long!)

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