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Here in La Plagne, we aren’t waiting for the deadline of June 21: it's already summer! Champagny-en-Vanoise and the valley sites are delighted to welcome you all year round and are already teeming with activities and events.

Activity ideas: our top 10

Whether you are the leader of a large tribe, love to laze around, are a bike addict or an expert hiker (or all of the above), we promiseyou won't be bored in La Plagne.


Activites été 20222 La Plagne

We know that it will be difficult to choose, so to help you, here is a selection of some of our favourite activities. A top 10 from our team to help you prepare your holiday programme...

– Ziplines
– Moutain Cart
– White water sports
– Bike Park, MTB et E-MTB
– Road biking
– Via-ferratas and climbing
– Hiking
– Parapente & aerial sport
– Swimming pools
– Culture & festivities: this way!

Summer events

When it comes to our events schedule, VARIETY is also the key word for holidays in La Plagne. Live concerts, mountain sports, guided heritage tours (on a cultural note, the Tarentaise is one of the most important sites for baroque art!), magic, astronomy, discovering the high mountain pastures and even a high-flying chess competition... A full programme to discover every week.


Evénement La Plagne été 2022

For sports lovers, four unmissable events:

– The second edition of the Super8, an MTB/e-MTB race that stretches over the whole of the resort’s vast area, through forests and the high mountain pastures
– The 6000D trail running event: a star race that covers 67 km with 3400 m elevation gain! The 6000D event is also a weekend of races for all types of runners.
– Original: the Lightfoot Trail race, that can be run barefoot or in Mexican-style “Huarache” sandals.
– New this summer, the “Big Race” in Montchavin Les Coches ! 

Are you a music lover? The festivities start with the Fête de la Musique followed by the second edition of Musi’Plagne where the two headliners will be the DJ set by duo Bon Entendeur at the Vanoise Express station and rapper Tiakola. In the outdoor amphitheatre in Aime, in the valley, the Jeudis d’Aime events propose an eclectic and inspired programme every Thursday. In Champagny-en-Vanoise, you can enjoy Live in Champagny: concerts organised in the village square throughout the summer. 

Discovering the life of the mountain pastures is the aim of the storytelling walks with the Facim Foundation, as well as the traditional Fête de l’Alpage in Plagne Villages.

La Plagne is also delighted to host its second International Chess Festival. As well as the chess competition, there is entertainment for the public, amateur tournaments and meetings with international grandmasters.

Of course, zen and “you time” are not forgotten this summer: Montalbert will be holding its Dolce Vita Week and organising yoga sessions where the benefits are multiplied tenfold by being in the mountains.

The holidays are also the best time to disconnect and do some stargazing. Shooting stars: observation evenings are organised throughout the summer in Montchavin - Les Coches, with an astronomer guide and little light pollution. In Champagny-en-Vanoise, astronomy evenings are organised with a specialist guide. Up at altitude and on reservation, Philippe can also take you to observe the stars during night hikes.

What is new this summer?

We have no less than 5 new ideas for you this summer: two original bivouacs, a new race, a paragliding school and a great address!


1. Sleeping under a lucky star "Conscience" bivouac"

"Conscience" is the name given to this "2-day multi-activity mini expedition" on the banks of the river Isère, with the promise of living at the river’s rhythm, trying rafting, yoga and fly fishing. You will discover all the beauty and pleasure associated with this legendary Savoyard river, using the water as a means of transport and a source of nourishment and letting yourself be caught up in the tempo of the Isère, gradually becoming an observer of time passing. Through the yoga sessions organized on the riverbank, you concentrate on the essential and let your deepest desires express themselves to reach a state of concentration and reconnection to yourself. Once the "reset" is done, it is easy to fully appreciate the present moment. As a complement to yoga, fly fishing creates a direct link with the river and its visible and hidden environment, a nourishing discipline rich in knowledge. This combination of different disciplines offers special moments to be experienced with your family, friends or colleagues.
More informations and booking

2. Stars in your eyes "Lakeside bivouac"

A 2-day hike in the mountains and a night under canvas near an altitude lake. You won’t have to worry about snakes in the grass, though, quite the contrary. Surfing (a very apt choice of words!) on the success of his family “survival courses” over the past two years, Guillaume Brun, a mid-altitude mountain guide, is setting up a new idea with his “Lakeside bivouacs". An experience that allows you to learn about the formation of mountain lakes and observe the night sky from a front row seat.

More informations

3. La Big Race

Part orienteering race and part obstacle race, the new Big Race is for all athletes, whether they are on their own or in a group, with two formats:
– “La Crazy”, strewn with challenges on giant inflatable obstacles. Minimum age 8 (accompanied by an adult).
–  or “La By Night”, on your own or in a team of 2: a course that is also strewn with obstacles to find using your map, with an additional difficulty: it is run at night with headlamps! From 16 years old (with parental authorisation)
Event village and evening concert until midnight.

More informations

4. Learn to fly : a new paragliding school

Flying, one of man’s oldest dreams, is accessible to everyone on a paraglider after a few days of lessons. After an initial experience on a tandem flight, you can move on to the next step and take over the controls! You will learn gradually, starting with exercises on the ground learning to raise and handle the wing, as well as the basic theory of taking off, flying and landing. Once this information has been assimilated, it is time for your first solo flight, with the reassuring voice of your instructor over the radio. If you are gripped by the exhilaration of flying, you can continue the lessons, gaining greater autonomy and even discovering how to catch thermals to prolong the duration of your flights!

More informations

5. Joya:Deli & counter

After Le Brix beer bar, all we were missing in Plagne Centre was a wine bar! The gap is now filled with Joya, also a delicatessen, which will be opening for its first summer season. Damien and his sister Soizic, both La Plagne locals, are behind the creation of this beautiful, cosy, elegant location in the heart of the resort. At the counter, the menu of their "canteen" is deliberately small to favour quality dishes cooked every day from local and seasonal products. 

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Practical info: La Plagne made easy!

Finding your way to La Plagne, downloading the essential Yugeapp, installing your tent or camping-car, knowing all there is to know about the bus times, booking a place in the crèche or daycare centre, identifying the Wi-Fi access points, finding out the lift ticket prices...This is where we tell you everything!


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