April Poodle’s Day!

Published on 29/03/2022 by
Ecole de ski canine La Plagne

We would love to open a canine ski school, but to be realistic, it’s not going to happen any time soon… 

Our doggy friends are quite clear on that: they much prefer rolling in the snow than getting skis on! We would like to introduce the actors from our video. Both the dogs and the humans had great fun filming it, with lots of kibble, barking and laughter. The dog-human teams all work for the La Plagne Tourist Office, which would also like to thank the Montchavin – Les Coches ESF and its director for their welcome and their complicity in putting together this 1st April jape.

Ecole de ski canine La Plagne
Ecole de ski canine La Plagne
Ecole de ski canine La Plagne
Ecole de ski canine La Plagne

Raising funds to support an animal rights association

If taking your pet with you on holiday seems obvious for most owners, some choose to simply abandon them. On the occasion of this doggy-themed April Fool’s Day, the La Plagne Tourist Office is launching a collection to support the SPA (the French animal protection society). All proceeds from the collection will be donated to the SPA.

Bringing your dog on a ski holiday to La Plagne 

The best ideas, the best walks in each site, our tips, … Everything you need to know for a great winter holiday in La Plagne with your dog can be found here! 

Ecole de ski canine La Plagne
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